Underwrite on Good News Radio

What is Underwriting?
Good News Radio Stations are licensed as non-commercial. As a result the F.C.C. allows us to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses who underwrite specific programs or portions of our programming. Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.

Who can Underwrite?
Businesses, Churches or Organizations who want to support the Christian radio ministry of Good News Radio by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our program can receive "on air" acknowledgment of their support through an underwriting announcement.

What does an Underwriting announcement include?
*Name of the business
*Phone number
*Years in business
*Generic list of products and/or services provided

What does it cost?
$75 per month
Weekday Underwriting
1 announcement each weekday

$40 per month
Weekend Underwriting
2 announcement every weekend

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